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Medical Malpractice Questions? MorningLine (April 14th, 2022)

Medical Malpractice Questions Answered by Attorney Clint Kelly

On March 30, 2022, Attorney Clint Kelly of The Kelly Firm joined MorningLine on News Channel 5 network in Nashville, Tennessee. The host of this broadcast was Nick Beres, and they were discussing the RaDonda Vaught verdict that occurred the day before. This broadcast can be seen on the YouTube page of The Kelly Firm, located in Henderson, Tennessee.

The Result of RaDonda Vaught’s Trial

According to Beres, this trial lasted approximately three days, and the jury only took four hours to make a verdict. And as a result, Vaught was found guilty of negligent homicide. Beres also stated that the Assistant District Attorney believed that RaDonda Vaught was totally at fault for the death of a patient. The Assistant DA also stated that it wasn’t just a few mistakes, but it was egregious neglect that was criminal.

Atty. Kelly stated that this DA found 17 counts against Vaught when it came to deviating from standard care. He also told Beres that they don’t know all that the jury heard in court. Sentencing for Vaught will occur in May, and it could be anywhere from probation to six years.

Attorney Clint Kelly & Nick Beres’ Take on this Verdict

Both Atty. Kelly and Beres believe that the verdict is too harsh in this case. Nick Beres reached out to Peter Strianse, Vaught’s lawyer, as well as Vaught, and he and his network welcomed them to talk anytime they wanted.
Beres and this news network also reached out to the Tennessee Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association. He read their statement and also agrees that this verdict is too harsh. He also stated that has a petition with over 96,000 signatures on behalf of Vaught’s case and is requesting clemency.

These associations stated in their statement that this shouldn’t be a criminal case, mistakes are inevitable, especially with nurses being overworked, and there are system failures. Kelly and Beres concur with these sentiments. The associations went a step further, stating how this verdict will cause people not to go into the nursing field. They also stated that this verdict makes current nurses afraid. Beres agrees with this, but Atty. Kelly stated that this verdict would cause attorneys not to be willing to take on medical malpractice cases.

A Further Take From Attorney Kelly

Atty Kelly stated that they need healthy, vibrant civil justice cases where victims and families will be compensated and the health system will change its conduct. Kelly stated these problems are usually caused by system failures and not just one person. He noticed how Vaught was the sole defendant in this case, and Vanderbilt was not held responsible. Beres did assert that the nurses, including Vaught, had to bypass due to the administration’s failure in delivering much-needed medical equipment.

This Hendersonville attorney stated that it is usually system failures that should be held responsible- not Vaught. He also thinks that Vaught went through enough punishment due to her losing her license, paying fines, and now having a guilty felony charge on her record.

The Ending of This Interview

At the end of this interview, Beres stated that he believes (and hopes) that Vaught will get two-year probation, no jail time, and the possibility of getting her record expunged. Medical Malpractice Attorney Clint Kelly believes that this is a distinct possibility.

In Closing

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