We are Certified Medical Malpractice Specialists

F. Dulin Kelly and Clinton L. Kelly are certified as a “Specialist in Medical Malpractice” by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education & Specialization. The procedures for certification require the attorney to demonstrate a higher degree of specialized ability and experience in medical malpractice law than non-certified personal injury lawyers or general practitioners. We are also board certified in medical malpractice law by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. This is a professional organization devoted to the highest standards in medical malpractice litigation.


Trial Experience Matters

Unlike some lawyers, we have significant trial experience in medical malpractice cases. Many of the cases we filed have settled prior to trial due to our reputation and strong trial record. We earned those settlements because we know what we’re doing and have no fear of the courtroom. We have obtained some of the top medical malpractice jury verdicts in Tennessee, including a final judgment in Nashville totaling $10,000,000 with interest.

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